Dr. Sylvia Garnis-Jones, MSc MD FRCPC | NOTE: Our Maple Ridge office has closed

Dermal Fillers

About the treatment

As we age, the lines and wrinkles on our face can linger a little longer and become a little deeper. The curves and contours of the face can also change as volume is lost. Our skin loses hyaluronic acid (HA), and volume. Dermal fillers simply replace the HA, using a synthesized HA.

Areas that are particularly prone to volume loss include the cheeks, lips, chin, and jawline. To help restore volume, we use these injectable gels and place them below the skin’s surface to help provide more youthful contours and smoother skin creating a more refreshed facial appearance.

All of our injectables are administered by dermatologist, Dr. Sylvia Garnis-Jones.


Restore cheek volume

Lift lower face

Smooth deep wrinkles

Redefine jawline



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