Dr. Sylvia Garnis-Jones, MSc MD FRCPC | NOTE: Our Maple Ridge office has closed

Our Approach

We believe knowledge is power

Finding a trusted source for skin care guidance is not always easy. Due to the increasing demand for aesthetic procedures, it is not uncommon for patients to encounter a menu of aesthetic supplies and procedures. These range from skin care products, skin rejuvenation (tightening, pore reduction, blemish removal), anti-wrinkle treatment, acne scar treatment, pigment removal, stretch mark removal, neck lifting, hair restoration, lip enhancement, nonsurgical facelift, fat removal and anti-aging medicine.
Numerous skin care products, skin rejuvenation procedures (such as filler and botox injections, lasers, and radiofrequency devices) have been introduced by dermatologists and plastic surgeons and subsequently, by diverse medical specialities. Nonmedical practitioners, e.g., the beauticians and spa operators, have jumped onto the bandwagon to provide such services.

Many of these aesthetic treatments claim to rejuvenate the skin but are not supported by good scientific evidence. Many people have perceived such deviations to be a growing problem that needs to be addressed as it undermines the trust in and professionalism of the medical fraternity.

That is where Dermatologie steps in. Our approach is to bring the skin specialist to you: the unmatched dermatologist-training of our skin consultants and technicians work to educate you so that you can make an informed decision. All of our treatments and products are proven by feedback from our existing patient population and evidence based studies --- cutting through the marketing jungle to bring you straight to what really works to achieve healthy, youthful, long-living skin.

Dermatologist Supervision

We are one of few aesthetic treatment providers in the Vancouver mainland and Fraser Valley region managed by a genuine Dermatologist, Dr. Sylvia Garnis-Jones.


Dr. Garnis-Jones has been at the forefront of innovation and exceptional service in skin rejuvenation treatments for over three decades now. Our medical aesthetician team has considerable training in the services we offer and a strong commitment to ongoing training to stay at the forefront of our industry.

Natural Results

Avoiding that overdone look, we design customized treatment plans to provide you with only beautiful, natural-looking results.

We have had it ourselves

Our entire team have had the treatments we offer themselves. We invest in treating our team so their recommendations are informed by their own experience and results.
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