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Tight + Bright Membership

With Dermatologie memberships, you'll enjoy a series of strategically planned treatments throughout 6 months at a significantly lower price. This ensures that your skin receives consistent care and attention, maximizing the benefits of each treatment and revealing your skin's true beauty potential. This accelerated combination approach is the cornerstone of our commitment to achieving swift results while maintaining the highest standards of care. By addressing multiple facets of your skin concerns in each session, we're able to optimize the impact of our treatments.

Membership Details

Price: $5,000 +GST

Regular price: Approx. $7500
Savings: $2500
Additional savings:
  • Enjoy 25% off skincare and treatments, including fillers.
  • Get Botox at an unbeatable $7 per unit (reg. $10/unit).
Duration: 6 months
(Membership extensions available for $250/month. See more details below.)

Terms and conditions apply.

Membership Benefits

Our comprehensive 6-month membership has been designed with a combination approach in mind, which means that during each session or every two weeks, multiple treatments are expertly provided to work synergistically towards your desired transformation.

Enjoy the flexibility to choose 1-2 treatments per month from the following advanced treatments that tighten and/or brighten the skin:

Microneedling RF Skin Tightening (Face and submental only)

Elevate your skin's vitality as innovative technology combines microneedling and radiofrequency to restore firmness and elasticity, ensuring a radiant, youthful complexion.

Deluxe Hydrafacial MD w/ 15% Glycolic Peel

Immerse yourself in luxury as our deluxe Hydrafacial treatment cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates, while a 15% glycolic peel enhances your skin's luminosity, leaving you with a refreshed and revitalized glow.

Laser (Fractional Laser or IPL)

Embrace the magic of light-based treatments with the choice of Non-ablative Fractional Laser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy. Both options target various skin concerns, from uneven tone to fine lines, brown spots, and renewing your skin's vibrance.

Other benefits

Peak Comfort

Say goodbye to pre-treatment anxiety!
Enjoy painless treatments with:

  • Numbing gel delivered to your door
  • Option to self-administer an advanced inhaler analgesic
  • Long appointment times where your comfort is our priority

Dermatologist Access

Say goodbye to skincare guesswork!

With our exclusive Dermatologist Access, you can:

  • Send your questions directly to our certified dermatologist via email Monday to Friday.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that your questions will be answered promptly by a skin specialist who understands your unique medical history.

Minimize Reactions

Beyond treatment, find peace of mind knowing:

  • The Dermatologist can prescribe topical medications to minimize downtime and reactions.
  • Treatments include a thorough post-treatment kit prioritizing recovery.
  • Count on us for care with Text check-ins during the first 7 days, ensuring a smooth skin's journey.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Enjoy personalized care:

  • 1-on-1 meetings
  • Photos every 4 weeks
  • If results fall short, get your money back.

Maintain Results

As a valued member, you can:

  • Enjoy the privilege of accessing specially priced maintenance programs
  • Designed to preserve and enhance your investment in aging beautifully even after your membership ends

Exclusive Savings

Unlock a realm of beauty benefits with our membership:

  • Enjoy 25% off skincare and treatments, including fillers.
  • Get Botox at an unbeatable $7 per unit (reg. $10/unit).

Limited Membership Spaces

Discover the extraordinary benefits of our Tight + Bright Membership Programs at Dermatologie. Our commitment to your well-being is paramount, which is why we offer limited memberships to ensure an unparalleled experience for each participant.

Quality over quantity – that’s our philosophy. By restricting membership, we guarantee:

Personalized Focus: Your journey is unique, and our resources are dedicated to tailoring solutions that meet your distinct needs.

Holistic Wellness: Enjoy access to comprehensive anti-aging treatments and holistic wellness strategies that nurture your body and mind.

Prompt Assistance: With fewer members, our team can readily provide the responsive support you deserve.


Balancing Members and Medical Priorities

Our devotion to exceptional care extends to both members and medical patients. Limited membership enables us to maintain our high standards across the board.


Secure Your Exclusive Membership

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Membership Extensions

We understand that some individuals prefer a gentler approach to their skincare regimen, or perhaps you’re a frequent traveler. That’s why we offer the option to easily extend your membership. Whether you want to slow down the pace to accommodate your skin’s needs or need to pause and pick up where you left off after your adventures, our extended membership option allows you to tailor your skincare experience, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your life.

Price: $250/month

Extension Terms: When choosing to extend your membership, please note that while you have the flexibility to continue your treatments, the extension does not grant permission to exceed the maximum treatment count set within the 6-month membership, maintaining a balanced and effective approach to your skincare routine.